Measuring Gait and Balance Workshop: Session 3


June 3, 2014


The Objective Measures of Parkinson’s disease challenges and directions Ken Kubota – Michael J. Fox Foundation

The talk will cover the cardinal motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including gait and the challenges measuring them.


Ken Kubota

Ken Kubota is the new Director of Data Science at the Michael J Fox Foundation, hired September of last year. He comes to the foundation after having managed the Kinetics Foundation, a privately endowed PD philanthropy founded by the former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, for 10 years. Cofounder of a software company, SyntheticLink and a former PM of MSTV, director of TechNet Events and Systems Engineer for the Fareast in Advanced Technology Sales at the Microsoft Corporation. Ken is an alumni of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley.