Metric and Ultrametric Modelling of Semantics and Change for Decision Making in Dynamic and Interactive Environments


October 7, 2011


Fionn Murtagh and Adam Ganz


Science Foundation Ireland, Royal Holloway


Correspondence analysis and ancillary data analysis and visualization methods, such as hierarchical clustering, constitute a powerful and versatile platform for data mining and machine learning. As we describe, semantic analysis of textual data is supported well in this framework, and also analysis of change or anomaly. We begin by taking the prescripts and principles discussed by Robert McKee in his book Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, Methuen, 1999. For McKee, filmscript is the “sensory surface” of the underlying semantics and we show how McKee’s work can be used in the context of the Casablanca movie (and also we refer to the CSI television series). Turning to how this work can be used for collaborative and interactive work, we describe how this data mining platform was used to support collective novel writing in an English creative writing class. As an example of use in social media, we discuss the use of analysis of semantics and change in blog rolls.
Finally, for analysis of semantics and change in wider, social environments, we apply the same algorithms to data from 1998-2004 on the terrible Colombian civil violence.

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