Mobile Gesture-Based User Interfaces for People with Disabilities


January 22, 2013


Shaun Kane


University of Maryland


Using touch screens presents a number of usability and accessibility challenges for people with disabilities. This talk demonstrates the possibilities of redesigning gesture-based user interfaces to enable people with disabilities to effectively use touch screens. I will describe several formative studies that have explored the interaction challenges that occur when people with disabilities use touch screens. I will then introduce several design prototypes which use accessible gestures to improve access to touch screens on mobile devices, tabletop computers, and public information kiosks. This research has been conducted primarily with two user groups: people with visual impairments, and older adults with multiple impairments.


Shaun Kane

Shaun Kane is assistant professor of human-centered computing at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His research explores the creation of new accessible input and interaction techniques for PCs, mobile devices, and wearable computers. He received his Ph.D.
from The Information School at the University of Washington in 2011. Shaun is a Google Lime Scholar and a recipient of Best Paper Awards from the ACM CHI and MobileHCI conferences.