NUI for Scientists / Layerscape / Environment & Water OData / OData


April 5, 2012


Frank Martinez, John Wilson, Rob Fatland, and Stewart Tansley


Microsoft Research; Environment and Water, Government of Alberta


This video from Open Data for Open Science 2012: Developers’ Training for Environmental Research includes the following presentations.

  • NUI for Scientists – Kinect for Windows and Beyond—Stewart Tansley, Microsoft Research
  • Layerscape Tutorial—Rob Fatland, Microsoft Research
  • Environment and Water OData—John Willson, Environment and Water, Government of Alberta
  • OData—Frank Martinez, Microsoft Research


Frank Martinez, John Wilson, Rob Fatland, and Stewart Tansley

Stewart Tansley is a senior research program manager responsible for devices in Natural User Interactions in External Research at Microsoft Research. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, he spent 13 years in the telecommunications industry in software research and development, focusing on technology transfer. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied to Engineering from Loughborough University, UK. He has published a variety of papers on robotics, artificial intelligence and network management, several patents, and has co-authored a book on software engineering for AI applications. In 2009 he co-edited The Fourth Paradigm, a book collating visionary essays on the emerging field of data-intensive science.

Rob Fatland is a program manager with Microsoft Research Connections. His work concerns the management, analysis, and visualization of complex geoscience data.