NxOpinion: A Novel Integrated and Predictive Solution for Global Healthcare Delivery

Bringing intelligent healthcare informatics to bear on the dual problems of reducing healthcare costs and improving quality and outcomes is a challenge even in countries with a reasonably developed technology infrastructure. Developing countries face these same issues, along with the compounding effects of economic and geopolitical constraints, transportation and geographic barriers, a much more limited clinical workforce, and infrastructural challenges to delivery. We sought to develop a sustainable and scalable solution for remote and rural healthcare delivery integrated into a global, actionable database of health information.

In early 2002 we began development of a semantically inclusive comprehensive medical database coupled to a multiple engine Bayesian-based diagnostic solution designed to mimic skilled clinical reasoning. To support the diagnostic engine we developed a flexible platform to gather, store and securely share heterogeneous medical data across multiple language, technology infrastructure and data platform barriers. Our goal was to capture granular data using multiple devices in order to populate a global medical database for purposes of modeling, monitoring, discovery and healthcare delivery.

Extensive clinical testing in India, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America has validated the accuracy and applicability of the solution in clinical practice. NxOpinion is currently being adapted for use on low end cellular phones in partnership with Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group to support health extension worker and consumer diagnostics in India and South Africa. Utilizing the platform we are developing an intelligent interactive personal health record incorporating an extensive wellness database, supporting open MRS technology. We are also currently building an affordable modular health information system with integrated medical and business intelligence to improve diagnostic accuracy and medical utilization for small hospitals and clinics in the US and internationally.

Potential applications include utilizing the predictive capabilities of the platform and the growing granular healthcare database for purposes of data mining, event detection and prediction, epidemiological modeling and program monitoring and evaluation.

Speaker Details

Joel Robertson, Pharm.D., is the founder and CEO of Robertson Technologies. He is a scientist and social entrepreneur that has developed numerous healthcare programs using technology as a foundation. Robertson Technologies is dedicated to making a lasting impact on healthcare around the world through a network of for-profit and non-profit organizations with a global initiative to change world medicine. This network of companies share a common goal: to save lives and improve quality of life through health information technology. He is the visionary behind NxOpinion (pronounced Next Opinion), a revolutionary global healthcare platform that uses unique diagnostic software and a far-reaching medical database. The NxOpinion application is one of Microsoft’s globally featured video case studies on best application of Microsoft technology for real world solutions and earned Robertson a 2004 ComputerWorld Honors Award nomination. Dr. Robertson founded his organization on the principles of compassion, respect, and hope.

Joel Robertson