Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and the People Who Play It


September 4, 2013


David M. Ewalt


David Ewalt recounts the development of Dungeons & Dragons from the game’s roots on the battlefields of ancient Europe, through the hysteria that linked it to satanic rituals and teen suicides, to its apotheosis as father of the modern video-game industry. As he chronicles the surprising history of the game’s origins and examines D&D’s profound impact, Ewalt weaves laser-sharp subculture analysis with his own present-day gaming experiences to shed light on America’s most popular (and widely misunderstood) form of collaborative entertainment.


David M. Ewalt

David M. Ewalt began playing Dungeons & Dragons when he was ten years old. Now an award-winning journalist, he is currently a senior editor at Forbes Magazine. In his capacity as tech guru, he frequently appears as an expert on TV, radio and Internet media, including ABC’s Good Morning America, NPR’s All Things Considered, CNBC’s Closing Bell, and G4TV’s Attack of the Show.