Of Mice and Children: Unraveling the Effects of a Technologized Infancy


September 18, 2012


Dimitri Christakis


University of Washington/ Seattle Children's Research Institute/ Seattle Children's Hospital


Dimitri’s passion is developing actionable strategies to optimize the cognitive, emotional, and social development of preschool children. The pursuit of that passion has taken him from the exam room, to the community and most recently to cages of newborn mice.
Christakis’ laboratory focuses on the effects of early environmental influences on child health and development. He speaks frequently to international audiences of pediatricians, parents, and educators about the impact of early learning on brain development.


Dimitri Christakis

Dimitri Christakis is the author of over 180 original research articles, a textbook of pediatrics and The Elephant in the Living Room: Make television work for your kids. (9/06; Rodale) His work has been featured on the Today Show, ABC, NBC, CBS and NPR news as well as all major national and international newspapers.