Open Data for Open Science 2012 Welcome, WWT Telescope Earth & Layerscape, and StreamInsight


April 4, 2012


This video from Open Data for Open Science 2012: Developers’ Training for Environmental Research includes the following presentations.

  • Welcome—Yan Xu, Microsoft Research
  • Overview of Microsoft Research Connections—Lee Dirks, Microsoft Research
  • WorldWide Telescope Earth and Layerscape—Rob Fatland, Microsoft Research
  • StreamInsight—Mohamed Ali, Business Platform, Microsoft

Host: Yan Xu, Microsoft Research


Lee Dirks, Mohamed Ali, Rob Fatland, and Yan Xu

Microsoft Research

Rob Fatland is a program manager with Microsoft Research Connections. His work concerns the management, analysis, and visualization of complex geoscience data.


  • Portrait of Lee Dirks

    Lee Dirks

    Director, Portfolio Strategy

  • Portrait of Rob Fatland

    Rob Fatland

  • Portrait of Rob Fatland

    Rob Fatland

  • Portrait of Yan Xu

    Yan Xu