Panel: Handling Big Data for the Environmental Informatics / Real-Time Environmental Observation, Modeling, and Decision Support


October 8, 2012


Barbara Minsker, Chaowei Yang, David Maidment, Jeff Dozier, Jong Lee, and Ting Ting Zhao


University of Texas, University of Illinois, University of California, George Mason University


Earth observations and other environmental data collection methods help us accumulate terabytes to petabytes of datasets. This pose a grand challenge to the informatics for environmental studies. We propose this session to capture the latest development on the Big Data collection, processing, and visualization in several aspects.

With increasing near-real-time availability of embedded and mobile sensors, radar, satellite, and social media, the opportunities to improve understanding, modeling, and management of environmental systems, as well as the built and human systems that interact with environmental systems, is immense.