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Panel: Monitoring for environmental equity: A hyperlocal air quality network in Chicago

Air pollution is an invisible health hazard, responsible for an estimated 10 million premature deaths annually. Pollution is also unequally distributed within cities, producing inequitable exposures that are a key environmental justice concern. This panel convenes government, academic, civic tech, and community science leaders from Chicago to discuss the challenges and opportunities of monitoring environmental exposures at the neighborhood scale.

The participants have recently collaborated with the Urban Innovation team at Microsoft Research to deploy the largest real-time, hyperlocal air quality sensing network in a North American city. The panel will focus on key challenges related to producing rigorous measurement, the importance of supporting community-driven innovation, and how to translate novel sensing data into knowledge and ultimately into action.

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Tech for Resilient Communities
Madeleine Daepp, Charlie Catlett, Meera Raja, Raed Mansour, Scott Counts, Tiffany Werner
Microsoft Research, Discover Partners Institute & Array of Things, City of Tech Collaborative, Chicago Department of Public Health, Microsoft Research, Environmental Law & Policy Center