Plenary 4: Data Challenges and Opportunities in the Next Decade


April 24, 2013


Eric Horvitz, Iain Buchan, Lionel Tarassenko, and Michel Cosnard


MSR Redmond, INRIA, University of Manchester, University of Oxford


Jeannette Wing, Microsoft Research chairs a unique opportunity during the summit where a panel of experts take a step back from the details of the current research problems and look into the future not only in the topic of “(Big) Data” and what it opportunities it offers to machine learning, but more broadly.

Panelists: Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research, Michel Cosnard, INRIA, Iian Buchan, University of Manchester, Lionel Tarassenko, University of Oxford


Eric Horvitz, Iain Buchan, Lionel Tarassenko, and Michel Cosnard

Eric Horvitz, today’s guest, joined Microsoft Research with two colleagues in 1993 to form the Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems group. Since then he has been at the center of a variety of projects focused on machine intelligence and adaptation, and the related tasks of information discovery, collection, and delivery.


  • Portrait of Eric Horvitz

    Eric Horvitz

    Technical Fellow/Managing Director, Microsoft Research Redmond