Project Colletta: A Unified Way of Managing Content Across Applications and Services


November 14, 2012


Our everyday tasks involve multiple technologies: email for communicating, Office applications for authoring and reading, Internet browsers for searching and accessing online resources etc. Yet, there is no easy way to keep all the related information together during our tasks, or at a later date, when we may wish to reuse it for other purposes. Traditionally, we organise files into folders within the File Explorer, our emails within the email application, and online resources within the Internet browser using bookmarks. Thus, our information is spread across applications and services.

Project Colletta provides a way of pulling related documents and information resources into a single collection that is easily accessible from the desktop. We can simply drag and drop a file, an email, a folder, or a URL onto a Colletta tag to keep them all together. Furthermore, each Microsoft Office application is equipped with a Colletta toolbar for easy access to tags and tagged documents at any stage of our work. In combination with the Microsoft cloud platform, the Colletta tagging model is extendible to multiple devices and different computing platforms.