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July 13, 2010


Victor Bahl, Stewart Tansley, and Brian Zill



Victor Bahl, Stewart Tansley, and Brian Zill

Victor Bahl is a principal researcher and founding manager of the Networking Research Group in Microsoft Research Redmond. He is responsible for shaping Microsoft’s long-term vision related to networking technologies through research and associated policy engagement with governments and institutions around the world. He directs research activities that push the state-of-art in the networking of devices and systems. He and his group build proof-of-concept systems, engage with academia, publish papers in prestigious conferences and journals, publish software for the research community, and work with product groups to influence Microsoft products.

His personal research interests span a variety of topics in mobile networking, wireless systems design, datacenter networking, and enterprise networking and management. He has built and deployed several seminal and highly cited networked systems, with a total of more than 9,500 citations; he has authored more than 110 peer-reviewed papers and 120 patent applications, 74 of which have issued; he has won best paper awards at SIGCOMM and CoNext and has delivered morethan two dozen keynote and plenary talks.

He is the founder and past chairperson of ACM SIGMOBILE, the founder and steering committee chair of the MobiSys; and the founder and past editor-in-chief of ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review. He has served as the general chair of several IEEE and ACM conferences including SIGCOMM and MobiCom, and is serving on the steering committees of seven IEEE & ACM conferences and workshops, several of which he co-founded; he has been serving as the chair of ACM’s Outstanding Contributions Award committee related to mobility for more than 15 years. He has served on the board of more than half a dozen journals, on several NSF, NRC and FCC panels, and on more than six dozen program committees. Dr. Bahl received Digital’s Doctoral Engineering Fellowship Award in 1995 and SIGMOBILE’s Distinguished Service Award in 2001. In 2004, Microsoft nominated him for the innovator of the year award. He became an ACM Fellow in 2003 and an IEEE Fellow in 2008.

When not working, he loves to read, travel, eat in fine restaurants, watch competitive sports and action movies, and spend time drinking with friends and family.

Stewart Tansley is a senior research program manager responsible for devices in Natural User Interactions in External Research at Microsoft Research. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, he spent 13 years in the telecommunications industry in software research and development, focusing on technology transfer. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied to Engineering from Loughborough University, UK. He has published a variety of papers on robotics, artificial intelligence and network management, several patents, and has co-authored a book on software engineering for AI applications. In 2009 he co-edited The Fourth Paradigm, a book collating visionary essays on the emerging field of data-intensive science.


  • Portrait of Victor Bahl

    Victor Bahl

    Distinguished Scientist Director, Mobile & Networking Research

  • Portrait of Brian Zill

    Brian Zill

    Senior Research Software Development Engineer

  • Portrait of Stewart Tansley

    Stewart Tansley