Redesigning Learning: An International Research Story


June 2, 2014


The Innovative Teaching and Learning Research was a 3 year international project sponsored by Microsoft Partners in Learning that examined the relationship between more innovative teaching practices and learners’ development of higher order skills such as knowledge construction and collaborative problem solving. SRI International partnered with Microsoft to design mixed research methods, and carried out the project through university research teams in England, Mexico, Finland, Indonesia, Senegal, Brunei, Russia and Australia. The research findings show surprisingly consistent patterns for how teaching and learning can be transformed through teachers’ redesigning learning experiences and researching the impact of their practices. Findings also show the vast untapped potential in how teachers are using technology in classrooms today.


Maria Langworthy

Dr. Maria Langworthy is the Chief Research Officer at Michael Fullan Enterprises, the global director of the Innovative Teaching and Learning Research Project, and the director of new measures for the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning global partnership. Her research centers on the future of education and how research and measurement can be used as levers for positive change. She is an active advisor to Microsoft’s Partners in Learning, which operates in 115 countries, and works with the Pearson Foundation as a consultant on international projects. Previously, Maria managed communications, corporate image, citizenship and policy research at Microsoft, where she led a team responsible for research in over 40 countries. She has a Ph.D. in sociology from Boston University.