Research Bits: Emerson Murphy-Hill and Dean Mohamedally


July 16, 2013


Emerson Murphy-Hill and Dean Mohamedally


North Carolina State University, University College London


“Research Bits” provide a glimpse into the research being conducted around the world through brief interviews with researchers.

  • First, Emerson Murphy-Hill, North Carolina State University, talks about his research on how human computer interaction intersects with software engineering to help software developers work more effectively.
  • At 2:28, Dean Mahamedally, University College London, describes a collaborative effort between the University of College London, Microsoft Research Cambridge, and Microsoft Research Redmond. Among other things, they are working with TouchDevelop and the Lab of Things, constructing new software solutions for analytics and big data processing, and investigating ways to support future technologies and devices that interconnect.

Field correspondent Josephine Cheng conducted these interviews during the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013.