Researchers in the Hall: Jack Stankovic and Manuel Hermenegildo

In “Researchers in the Hall” segments, researchers participating in the Faculty Summit speak briefly about their current research.

  • First, Jack Stankovic, University of Virginia, talks about “Smart Homes, Smart Phones, and Beyond” research to establish physiological and behavioral information for people who are elderly to detect medical problems early.
  • At 6:44, Manuel Hermenegildo, IMDEA Software Insitute, describes the Microsoft IMDEA Joint Research Centre and their work on energy consumption analysis and optimization for large data centers to small devices, along with software programming tools. Savings comes from the software side.

Field correspondent Josephine Cheng conducted these brief interviews during the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2014.

Jack Stankovic and Manuel Hermenegildo
University of Virginia, IMDEA Software Institute
    • Portrait of Lori Stone

      Lori Stone