Share your photos, not your phone, with Microsoft Xim

Perfect for moments like dinner with friends, Microsoft Xim is simply a better way to share because you don’t have to pass your phone around to people. When you Xim, the photos will appear synchronously on everyone’s devices even if they don’t have the app. And, Xims expire after a little while so you’re not burdened with storage or management overhead. With Xim you’ll never have to worry again about mistakenly “oversharing” – be it a personal photo, or that little cold you’re getting over. Your friends can enjoy photos from the comfort of their own seat and screen rather than waiting turns or huddling around one phone. Because anyone invited to a Xim can advance the photos and all screens are synchronized, Xim is a unique shared experience in which everyone knows they are looking at and talking about the same photo, even when not in the same room together.

Xim is available for free in the Windows Phone, Apple App, and Google Play stores.

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