Single Page Apps with Ember.js


April 2, 2014


Cory Forsyth


This talk will focus on Ember.js, a front-end javascript framework for “creating ambitious web applications.” HTML5 is frequently heralded as the future of the web, and I’ll touch on the challenges inherent in HTML5 apps and how Ember.js is working to solve them. The Ember.js team is working hard to make ember future-compatible, by embracing web components and ES6 (Harmony) javascript features. I’ll highlight some examples of these in action and compare them with Microsoft’s Typescript, including showing some ways the two can be made to work together.


Cory Forsyth

Principal at 201 Created, a consulting firm focused on ember, and an adjunct faculty member at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Co-organizer of GORUCO, the premier ruby conference in New York City. Formerly cofounder and CTO of, a hyperlocal content aggregation startup acquired by AOL.