Social Computing Symposium 2016: Harassment, Threats, and Trolling Online, Transgender Experiences with Online Harassment

Transgender people face disproportionate levels of harassment online. I present empirical data on the prevalence, types, and sources of trans harassment on social networking sites. For trans people, online harassment sometimes leads to offline harassment and discrimination, intersects with other stigmatized marginalized identities, and is often avoided by keeping one’s trans identity hidden. I consider how social media policies could impact trans harassment online, and end with an open question of how to further reduce online harassment of trans people.

Speaker Details

Oliver L. Haimson is a PhD Candidate in Informatics at UC Irvine and a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. His research focuses on how people represent changing and faceted identities on social media during life transitions. In particular, he studies transgender people’s experiences with self-presentation and disclosure as they change gender on social network sites. Through his research, he hopes to impact technological inclusion of marginalized users.

Oliver L. Haimson
UC Irvine
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