Social Shopping


January 23, 2014


Elizabeth Churchill, Ann Light, Lizzie Harrison, Steve Lawson, Brian Butler, and Hugo Liu


EBAY, Northumbria University, Antiform/Royal College of Art, UMD, Hunch/eBay



Elizabeth Churchill, Ann Light, Lizzie Harrison, Steve Lawson, Brian Butler, and Hugo Liu

Dr. Elizabeth Churchill is a an applied social scientist working in the area of social media, interaction design and mobile/ubiquitous computing. She was formerly a Principal Research Scientist and manager of the Internet Experiences group at Yahoo! Research. Until September of 2006, she worked at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), California, in the Computing Science Lab (CSL). Prior to that she led the Social Computing Group at FX Palo Laboratory, Fuji Xerox’s research lab in Palo Alto. Originally a psychologist by training, throughout her career Elizabeth has focused on understanding people’s social and collaborative interactions in their everyday digital and physical contexts. She has studied, designed and collaborated in creating online collaboration tools (e.g. virtual worlds, collaboration/chat spaces), applications and services for mobile and personal devices, and media installations in public spaces for distributed collaboration and communication. In addition to being instrumental in the creation of innovative technologies, she has contributed to academic research through her publications in theoretical and applied psychology, cognitive science, human-computer interaction and computer supported cooperative work; topics she has written about include implicit learning, human-agent systems, mixed initiative dialogue systems, social aspects of information seeking, digital archive and memory, and the development of emplaced media spaces. Elizabeth has a BSc in Experimental Psychology, an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems, both from the University of Sussex, and a PhD in Cognitive Science from the University of Cambridge. She regularly teaches at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Information. In 2010, she was recognised as a Distinguished Scientist by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Elizabeth writes a column for ACM interactions, and is the current VP of ACM SigCHI (Human Computer Interaction SIG).