Taming the Data Monster: Ways to tell your story through data

We live in a data-heavy world. However telling a story that brings the data to life is a challenge.

Most researchers are extremely adept at communicating the importance of their research projects and findings to other researchers and those familiar with the topic of the investigation. Fewer researchers are as effective at describing the importance of their work to a lay audience, whether that audience includes policy-makers, the public, the media or interested others. But that kind of communication can be crucial to improving practices and procedures and informing public policies.

This presentation will provide tips and tactics for communicating data and research findings in ways that are compelling to lay audiences and for showcasing those findings in ways that are not only visually appealing but use graphics to communicate and highlight the key points.

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Nam-ho Park is the Regional Director for West Coast operations, and Director of Mobile Services at Forum One Communications. He leads the implementation of creative web strategy, online community and mobile solutions to help non-profit, government and issue-driven clients increase their impact. Nam-ho has been active in web technologies and crafting user experience for over 12 years, both in the US and Asia, most recently in Korea where he helped train nonprofits around internet technologies and was a founding member of TEDx Seoul.

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