Keynote: The Art of Building a Reliable Cloud Network

The Research Faculty Summit 2018 will bring together leaders and researchers from the broad systems research area in computer science. The summit will present the latest information and results from Microsoft product and research groups. Faculty Summit attendees will have a front row seat to hear, share and discuss the current state of the art, issues, and ideas so that we can all push together to move the frontier toward an ideal world of computing.

Speaker Details

Albert Greenberg is an AT&T Fellow (awarded in 2002 for ground breaking research in IP traffic measurement and network management tools) and the Director of Network Measurement and Engineering Research at AT&T Labs-Research. His current research interests focus on IP networks, as well as IP/Optical network integration. Albert’s recent research includes: novel methods for packet and flow measurement and analysis, traffic matrix inference, anomaly detection, configuration management, IP/MPLS control plane monitoring, MPLS/GMPLS control and management, IP traffic and network engineering, IP fault management and troubleshooting, new route control architectures, database and systems applications, and network security. The research and underlying methodology spans: measurement and engineering of large complex, operational networks and computer systems, modeling, performance analysis, simulation, and statistical inference. Earlier in his career Albert worked in the areas of multiple access channels, Computer Science theory, applied probability, computer engineering and scheduling, wireless and satellite networks, massively parallel computation, and parallel simulation. Albert’s education includes a BA from Dartmouth College in Mathematics (1978, with Honors, Magna Cum Laude), and MS and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington (1981, 1983). In 2005, Albert became Chair of ACM Sigmetrics. In 2004, Albert was awarded AT&T’s Science and Technology Medal for technical innovation in IP network monitoring and management.

Sandy Blyth, Albert Greenberg
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Series: Microsoft Research Faculty Summit