The Excitement of a Career in Research


March 24, 2014


P. Anandan


MSR India


One of the most creative intellectual pursuits is scientific research. As a researcher you enjoy a lifetime of exploration in the realm of ideas, set your own agenda and have the opportunity make fundamental contributions that can change the world. In this talk, I will explain how one becomes a researcher in Computer Science, by tracing my own career and that of a few others at Microsoft Research. I will also use examples to illustrate how basic research can lead to exciting technologies and products that we use every day in our lives. I will conclude by discussing some of the main personality traits and skills needed to become a successful researcher.


P. Anandan

A star cast of MSR staff including David Bargeron, Antonio Criminisi, Steve Harris, Chuck Jacobs, Nebojsa Jojic, Sing Bing Kang, David Salesin, Andreas Soupliotis, Rick Szeliski, Kentaro Toyama, and Matt Uyttendaele will show some amazing stuff with P. Anandan acting as the MC.