The Internet of Databases—Generalizing the Archaeo Informatics Approach


October 8, 2012


Chris van der Meijden


Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich


One thing we have learned from our Archaeo-Data-Network is, that there is a need to split meta information of databases in two levels. The first level contains a centralized unique id and very few standard information. The second level of meta information is defined by the archaeo scientist. This can be implemented for any kind of archaeo database, so the network’s extensibility is virtually unlimited. The advantage of this dual meta approach is its flexible connectivity and therefor getting comprehensive data transparent available for general searching and mining. With this approach huge, rigid archives can be connected to small, flexible databases for scientific analysis in any scientific domain. Combined with a simple authorization management for unpublished data we see in our system the potential of being the general blueprint for an eScience infrastructure, which we call the Internet of databases.