The Lab as Studio: Stories from Microsoft Research’s first visiting artist


December 4, 2013


James George


The distinction between artists and scientists continues to blur. This talk reflects on my experiences as the inaugural artist in residence at Microsoft Research. Over the past three months I have taken an action-packed journey into research culture. Now at the end of the residency period, I will share how the new possibilities and collaborations I discovered here inspired projects and insights. Opening with a survey of how emerging technology is being used by artists broadly, the talk then focuses on the work presented in the residency exhibition opening on December 3rd. I leave with a reflection on the comparison between art and research practice, resonating with the sentiment that art and science is more alike than different


James George

James George is an artist using code to discover creative potential in emerging technology. His installations and films draw inspiration from science fiction concepts as they become possible. James has developed RGBDToolkit, an application for exploring a new form of 3D cinema using depth sensing cameras. He is currently in post-production on CLOUDS, an interactive documentary created in collaboration with Jonathan Minard, portraying a community of artists who use code as their medium.

James is currently a Fellow at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon and lecturer at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunication Program where he instructs on using code to make video art. A resident of Brooklyn New York, he has exhibited work internationally in Europe, South America, Japan, and the USA