The .NET Gadgeteer Hardware Prototyping Platform / Sharing Research Worldwide: Advances in Automatic


May 19, 2011


Chris Wendt and Nicolas Villar


Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research Cambridge


This session of the 2011 Microsoft Research Latin American Faculty Summit includes the following presentations:

  • The Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Hardware Prototyping Platform: Nicolas Villar, researcher Microsoft Research Cambridge
  • Sharing Research Worldwide: Advances in Automatic Translation: Chris Wendt, principal group program manager, Microsoft Research

These presentations were part of the Computer Science research track at the summit.


Chris Wendt and Nicolas Villar

Nicolas Villar is a research assistant and final-year PhD candidate at the Lancaster University Computing Department. Nicolas works in the Embedded Interactive Systems research group, where his interest is focused on the development of devices and systems that enable novel forms of human-computer interaction. His work has explored the concept of mixed-initiative interaction with intelligent environments through the use of wearable devices; use of tangible objects with embedded sensing for basic navigation and input, and the application of novel interfaces for musical expression. Through the Equator Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration, he has been involved in the development of the technology behind the `Electronic Furniture for the Curious Home` series of artifacts.