The Rise of Dynamic Languages for Scientific Computing


July 19, 2011


Jan Vitek and Sumit Basu


Purdue University, Microsoft Research


Jan Vitek chairs this session at Faculty Summit 2011, which includes the following presentations.

  • An Overview of Dynamic Languages: How They’re Different, Why They’re Popular, and Where They’re Being Used—Sumit Basu, Microsoft Research
  • Recent Advances in Dynamic Languages—Jan Vitek, Purdue University


Jan Vitek and Sumit Basu

Jan Vitek is a Chief Scientist at Fiji Systems and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University. He leads the Ovm real-time virtual machine project. He is a member of the ACM and IFIP WG2.4, a founder of the TRANSACT workshop series, the VEE conference, and the Trends in Concurrency International Summer School series. He sits on steering committee of the ECOOP, COORDINATION and the Java Technologies for Real-time and Embedded System conferences and serves on the JSR302–Safety Critical Java expert group.