The world’s first urban, operational white-spaces network


June 3, 2014


In this lecture from Microsoft TechFest 2014, Victor Bahl, principal researcher and director of the Mobility and Networking Research Group, explains how Microsoft Research is building on its Redmond campus the first operational, self-sustaining white-spaces network. This talk discusses the feasibility of designing, deploying, and operating such networks. When whitespace networks become commonplace, companies with large campuses will be able to provide full coverage for their customers so that, as those customers move around a campus, they will continue to have connectivity, just as they currently enjoy within individual buildings. White-space networking is considered by many as the next frontier of wireless Internet connectivity and the biggest opportunity in wireless communications since Wi-Fi and LTE.


  • Portrait of Victor Bahl

    Victor Bahl

    Technical Fellow & Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators