The Worst Form Including All Those Others: Canada’s Experiments with Online Voting


August 29, 2019


Aleksander Essex


Western University, Canada


Although Canada is quickly becoming a world leader in the use of online voting, a vacuum of cybersecurity standards, regulation, and public awareness has left online voting vendors largely to set their own bar for accountability. This talk will chronicle the rise of online voting in Canada, and present a set of case studies examining recent failures in voter authentication, ballot secrecy, client-side security, disaster preparedness, and results transparency.



Aleksander Essex

Aleksander Essex is an associate professor of software engineering at Western University, Canada. His research specializes in cybersecurity and applied cryptography and focuses on ways of making electronic and online voting less of a threat to society. He is a professional engineer (P.Eng.) and a member of the IEEE, the ACM, and the Election Verification Network.