There is No China Button


August 14, 2014


There’s never been a better time to build hardware.

Consumers want to connect everything to their phone. Prototyping is “solved”. Kickstarter will provide you with the upfront funds.


while making something once is easy; making something that can be made is hard – very hard. Hardware takes longer, costs a lot and requires more people. It can be perilous for a company, but the rewards can be great. This talk outlines some of the pitfalls that have befallen hardware companies in the past – and still do today.


Brady Forrest

I founded, a part of PCH. We’ve had 23 hardware startups go through our incubator in the last year. Some of my companies include,, & launching 8/5… I will share what I’ve learned.

Previously I worked at Microsoft on MSN Search & Entertainment, Khosla Ventures & O’Reilly Media. I also founded Ignite, a global talk series.