Tidbits Gleaned Over Nine Years of Concurrent Software Testing Research

In this talk, I will share our experiences with creating tools and a methodology for testing concurrent software during the last nine years. I will start by explaining why the problem is troublesome. Then, I will cover these topics:

Using tools that increase the likelihood of test failure Unit and system test methodology Evaluating concurrent coverage Finding potential deadlocks Debugging aids for concurrent software Discovering bug location in code automatically Healing concurrent programs

Speaker Details

Dr. Shmuel Ur is a research scientist in IBM research lab in Haifa Israel. He works in the field of software testing and concentrates on coverage, review and testing of multi-threaded programs. Shmuel is the technical lead of the area of Coverage in IBM and is also an IBM Master Inventor. Shmuel teaches software testing in the Technion and Haifa University.Shmuel received his Ph.D. in Algorithms Optimization and Combinatorics in 1994 in Carnegie Mellon University. Shmuel received his Bs.C. and Ms.C. from the Technion in Israel. Shmuel has published more than 50 papers and submitted more than 40 patents in the fields of hardware testing, artificial intelligence, algorithms, software testing and testing of multi-threaded programs. Shmuel was the general chair of the first Haifa Verification Conference and the general chair of PADTAD, a workshop on testing multi-threaded applications. Shmuel serves on many program committees and has given full day tutorials on a number of topics in a number of leading conferences.

Shmuel Ur