Try F#—A New Wave of Education and Research


December 12, 2012


The 2013 release of Try F# demonstrates the power of F# to solve real-world analytical programming and information-rich problems by providing a web experience to help you learn the F# language, create programs, and share information—quickly and easily. Learn how students at University College London are using Try F# to develop solutions to real-world problems for the financial industry. And hear how Try F# helps undergraduates and graduate students alike learn F# and develop F# programs that use big data at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • Learn: Easily learn the fundamentals and tap into the power of F# programming.
  • Create: Start coding within Try F#, which enables you to write F# code in your browser and save your program to the cloud.
  • Share: Share your code with others via Twitter or Facebook, or simply send them a link to your Try F# script file.