Tutorial: Data-Constrained Environmental Modelling: FetchClimate, Filzbach, and Distribution Modeller II


May 13, 2013


Drew Purves


MSR Cambridge



Drew Purves

“Drew Purves is head of the Computational Ecology and Environmental Science group (CEES) at Microsoft Research Cambridge. His overarching research interest is in combining ecological theory, with large and varied data sets, via computational statistics to produce quantitative, predictive models of ecological phenomena. Following Purves’ lead, the CEES group is using this approach to build new models to address global environmental challenges—such as carbon-climate, food security, wood production, biodiversity and ecosystem function, and pandemics—while developing new software tools to enable others to conduct this kind of ecological modeling. In 2012, Purves was one of 40 young scientists worldwide invited to attend the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos.”