Using Cloud Services with WP8


March 15, 2013


Yavor Georgiev and Jeff Wilcox


Microsoft Corporation


Using Cloud Services with WP8
Join us and learn how to use a cloud-based backend service to your app using Windows Azure Mobile Services!

(new) Ask the Experts
Folks from the Windows Phone team will be on hand to help you with development questions you may have. Bring your laptop and your code so you can get the hands-on help to take your app to the next level!


Yavor Georgiev and Jeff Wilcox

Yavor Georgiev is a PM working on client SDKs for Windows Azure Mobile Services. Previously he drove the Silverlight web services stack. You can find him on Twitter and his blog.

Jeff Wilcox is the developer of 4th & Mayor, a popular foursquare app with a simple, clean user experience backed by powerful cloud services powered by both Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. The app is a member of the Windows Phone Hall of Fame run by the phone team. In his day job, Jeff runs the Windows Azure SDK development team that focuses on open source SDKs, frameworks and tools – find out more at Jeff is an alumnus of the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science and can be found on Twitter.