ViiBoard: Vision-Enhanced Immersive Interaction

ViiBoard is a system for remote collaboration through a digital whiteboard (PPI) that gives participants an immersive, 3-D experience with enhanced touch capability. ViiBoard emulates writing side by side on a physical whiteboard or, alternatively, on a mirror, through 3-D processing of depth images and life-sized rendering. Additional vision techniques, such as hand-gesture recognition, are integrated to understand users’ intentions before they touch the board, simplifying the interaction with a PPI, especially for content editing and presenting. Compared with standard video conferencing, the ViiBoard provides participants with a better ability to estimate their remote partners’ eye-gaze direction, gesture direction, and intention. These capabilities translate into a heightened sense of being together and a more realistic experience.

    • Portrait of Philip A. Chou

      Philip A. Chou

      Principal Researcher

    • Portrait of Lori Stone

      Lori Stone

    • Portrait of Zhengyou Zhang

      Zhengyou Zhang

      Research Manager Principal Researcher