WIPTTE: Sponsor Talks: Microsoft Research Demos on Surface


May 11, 2015


Steven Drucker and Dave Brown




3:30 pm – 4:00 pm Steven Drucker, Dave Brown: Microsoft Research Demos on Surface


Steven Drucker and Dave Brown

Dr. Steven M. Drucker is a principal researcher in the Visualization and Interaction group at Microsoft Research focusing on human computer interaction for dealing with large amounts of information. He is also an affiliate professor at the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department. Before coming to Microsoft, he received his Ph.D. from the Computer Graphics and Animation Group at the MIT Media Lab in May 1994, a M.S from the AI Lab at MIT in 1989, and an ScB in Neurosciences from Brown University in 1984.

He has demonstrated his work on stage with Bill Gates at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); shipped software on the web for gathering and acting on information collected on the web; was written up in the New York Times; filed over 120 patents; and published papers on technologies as diverse as exploratory search, information visualization, multi-user environments, online social interaction, hypermedia research, human and robot perceptual capabilities, robot learning, parallel computer graphics, spectator oriented gaming, and human interfaces for camera control.