Resilience is adapting and automating

Ensure business continuity and pave a path for innovation by ​quickly streamlining operations, adapting processes, and automating workflows using low-code tools.

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Get a one-on-one demo of Power BI

Learn firsthand how Power BI helps organizations transform data into insights with self-service and enterprise BI in a single platform.

Be more agile, productive, and efficient with Microsoft

Accelerate your data and digital platforms

Build a simplified, cost-effective, and scalable platform to strengthen your resilience. Access all your data in real time for more informed decisions across teams and the business as a whole.

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How customers are driving resilience


Empowering hundreds of employees

Learn how Capitol Records empowered more than 250 employees to streamline operations with no-code app development.

Enhancing team collaboration

See how PayPal expanded communication and collaboration in meetings as well as between international employees.

Adapting to clearer communications

Learn how Repsol improved the way its employees communicate around the globe—and help them be more effective.

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Return to the factory floor safely

Give your workforce the confidence to go back to the workplace with customizable solutions designed to protect your teams during each phase of their return.


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Create your solution to rapidly adapt and automate

Explore additional solutions to strengthen your resilience

Business insights and analytics

Get actionable insights from your data to help you make confident decisions in the moment, adapt to the current business landscape, and save on costs.

Agile supply chain

Build a resilient supply chain with enhanced visibility and asset uptime for agile planning, distribution, and fulfilment.