Build resilience with an agile supply chain

Ensure business continuity even in times of disruption by bringing better visibility and planning agility into your supply chain with Dynamics 365.

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Build on your operational agility with Microsoft

Get started implementing adaptable manufacturing processes and accelerating delivery by exploring Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Innovate, optimize inventory and maximize asset uptime

Get up and running quickly, work with your existing systems, and see across your data in real time with Dynamics 365.

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Top eight trends every COO should know

Stay on top of evolving manufacturing trends that provide better visibility into both performance and operations including unified data, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Welcome to the future of business resilience

Learn how to assess and build resilience across every area of your organization and why Microsoft is uniquely suited to help you develop more agile operations.

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How customers are driving resilience

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“We now have the capabilities that we need to transform the consumer experience and optimize business processes worldwide to be an even more agile, successful enterprise.”

Phillip R. Kennedy, Pandora

“With Dynamics 365, we’ll have a single version of the truth across all our sales channels and can run our business more holistically.”

Matt James, Hickory Farms

“…we can bring solutions to the business now in hours that used to take us days or weeks previously.”

John Payton, Wahl Clipper Corporation

“With Dynamics 365, we save nearly USD2 million per year in IT service and support fees compared to our previous, highly customized solution.”

Mark Hodkinson, Bel Fuse

“When you have over a million different SKUs, you’ve got to have something that is not only robust but very nimble.”

Jamie Schnur, Lippert Components

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Create your agile supply chain solution

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Return to the factory floor safely

Give your workforce the confidence to go back to the workplace with customizable solutions designed to protect your teams during each phase of their return.


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Explore additional solutions to strengthen your resilience

Business insights and analytics

Get actionable insights from your data to help you make confident decisions in the moment, adapt to the current business landscape, and save on costs.

Rapidly adapt and automate

Ensure business continuity and pave a path for innovation by quickly streamlining operations, adapting processes, and building new workflows using low-code tools.