Resilience is safely returning to the workplace

As you move toward bringing employees back, give your teams the tools to help them stay safe and productive on the job with solutions from Microsoft.

Read the Return to Workplace Guide to Building Resilience

Return to the workplace with confidence video series


Reopen, return, and engage with confidence

Strengthen the resilience of your people, teams, and organization to adjust and adapt no matter which stage your organization is currently at

Return confidently with Microsoft Power Platform

Help protect your workforce during each phase of your return—and be ready for what’s next—with a comprehensive set of apps and dashboards that help you:

People wearing PPE walking around an office building.
  • Determine the readiness of different locations and manage their reopening.

  • Manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots, and aid in case management.

  • Keep employees safer and productive with self-service tools and screening.

  • Monitor occupancy, health supplies, and safety procedures.

Provide safer workplaces with Azure IoT

Safeguard the work environment and build confidence in your ability to reopen safely. Deliver on your commitment to worker safety with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions built on Azure that help you:

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  • Improve insights around health and safety practices.

  • Reduce transmission risks and touch points with contactless interfaces.

  • Lower risk of exposure with proximity monitoring and thermal screening.

  • Protect your workspace and assets to promote wellbeing.

Support working remotely and onsite with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Keep your people and teams productive, connected, and secure as they return to the workplace. With Microsoft 365 and Teams, you’ll be able to:

Two people wearing PPE while in a conference room on a Teams video call being displayed on the TV.
  • Manage meeting settings and meeting room capacity with touchless experiences.

  • Provide a more natural, human meeting experience and support inclusive collaboration between remote and onsite attendees.

  • Gain visibility into how employees spend their time through Workplace Analytics.

  • Connect people across the organization with Teams Live Events and Yammer for company all-hands meetings and town halls.

Welcome to the future of business resilience

Further strengthen the productivity and collaboration of your employees as they return to the workplace by learning how to assess and build resilience across every area of your organization.

Resilience Playbook Cover Image that says the future of business

“I truly see that our Microsoft solutions are going to take us well past this current challenge of being forced to have everybody work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic as we, as a society, adapt to a new work style.”

Lynne Riley, State Treasurer | Georgia Office of the State Treasurer

“It's interesting to watch this fundamental shift in the way people collaborate, and Microsoft Teams is right at the center of it.”

Bill Martin, Chief Information Officer | AEG

“Going to the cloud, we wanted to work anyplace, anytime, and anywhere without compromising privacy. Microsoft 365 has the security tools to enable that avant-garde way of working.”

Fred Pietersma, Chief Information Security Officer | Arkin

Other ways to strengthen your resilience

Hybrid work

Create an environment with the flexibility your employees and customers want and boost innovation across your organization in the process.