Learn how to navigate the complexities and opportunities of hybrid work for your customers and employees.

Learn how resilience can help your organization thrive

Join us for a three-part webinar series featuring Microsoft executives, Boston Consulting Group, and other thought leaders. Watch as they define resilience and discuss how organizations can succeed, even in the face of significant challenges and uncertainty.

A booklet showing how Microsoft solutions can help strengthen resilience across your people, teams and organization

Resilience at work

Organizations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common—they are resilient. Discover how Microsoft solutions can help you strengthen resilience in people, teams, and your broader organization.

Thrive in the face of change

Strengthening business resilience means embracing digital technology and building digital capabilities. Learn how you can act today to help ensure business agility and create a sustained competitive advantage.

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Strengthen resilience across six dimensions

Protect and grow the top line

Rapidly identify and respond to changing customer needs with data-driven marketing, sales, and pricing.

Develop agile operations

React quickly and manage disruptions in supply chain, logistics, facilities, manufacturing, development, and corporate functions.

Enable people

Empower employees to be more productive, collaborate effectively, and stay connected in all circumstances. Adapt with new approaches to talent management and development.

Accelerate data and digital platforms

Increase the modularity and availability of core IT infrastructure and applications. Make insights more accessible to enable data-driven, AI-enabled decisions across silos.

Enhance cybersecurity

Safeguard digital assets and react quickly to security breaches in an increasingly distributed environment.

Strengthen financials

Ensure financial liquidity with an operating expenditure-driven cost model, reduced total cost of ownership, and data-enabled policies to manage cash and working capital.

The Digital Path to Business Resilience by Boston Consulting Group

How Microsoft can help

Solutions to strengthen your resilience

Our end-to-end, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions can help you build resilience across your organization and improve the bottom line.


Strengthen business resilience and prepare for future growth by making your organization more accessible to potential customers and employees.

Agile supply chain

Adapt quickly to disruptions with end-to-end operational visibility.

Business insights and analytics

Accelerate business insights with analytics and AI to make informed decisions and plan for what’s next.

Cloud migration

Rapidly scale operations as needed while improving operational stability and network resilience.

Hybrid work

Create an environment with the flexibility your employees and customers want and boost innovation across your organization in the process.

Rapidly adapt and automate

Quickly streamline operations, adapt processes, and build new workflows using low-code tools.

Remote development

Give your remote developers the ability to confidently and securely code, collaborate, and ship from anywhere.

Remote teamwork

Empower collaboration and help employees stay connected while limiting meeting fatigue.

Return to the workplace

Give people the confidence to return to the workplace and protect your teams with customizable, pre-built solutions.

Sales and service

Enable your workforce with new digital capabilities, driven by training designed to help them be their best.


Built-in technologies help you protect your digital assets across one connected and secure ecosystem.

Training and certification

Keep up with rapidly changing business needs by learning the most sought-after technology skills—directly from Microsoft.

The whitepaper titled The Way Forward with 
Digital Transformation Accelerated by a Pandemic.

Growing your business in a changing world

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Microsoft explores how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and shaped new ways for organizations to engage customers, connect employees, and collaborate with competitors.

“Power Apps gives us new capabilities and ways to adapt quickly.”

Chris Ingalls, Business Solution Architect, Toyota

Resources for small and medium-size businesses

Find tools and tips that help you work remotely, stay secure, get the most from your small business solutions, and more.

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