SAM Cloud Productivity Assessment


A move to the cloud can add complexities that make a SAM Assessment even more critical. Working with a SAM partner on a Cloud Productivty SAM Assessment will give you the opportunity to plan for and address the unique challenges associated with cloud solutions. Evaluating cloud solutions can be daunting due to complexities such as:
Whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid is the best structure for your business.
A lack of knowledge on the licensing options available to support a migration to the cloud. 
Whether a fixed or pay-as-you-go cost model is best for your company.
Assessing whether migrating to the cloud will make it easier to manage software assets going forward.
A Software Asset Management (SAM) Cloud Productivity Assessment simplifies cloud adoption and reduces risk by offering you a comprehensive analysis of your desktops and end user productivity tools to prepare your environment for the Cloud. Building off of your Cloud strategy and overall business goals, we look at your current software deployment and usage and then assess your Cloud-ready state to determine the best options for migration now and later. We also provide insight on the business, cost, and technology benefits of moving workloads to the Cloud as well as recommendations about how to optimize Cloud licensing.


Cloud Productivity Assessment benefits

  • Provides a clear prioritization of what’s ready to migrate today.
  • Identifies how Cloud-based scalability can increase organizational agility.
  • Improves cost management by customizing subscription models.
  • Provides insights on cost and technology benefits of moving to the Cloud.

"93% of businesses claim digital transformation makes their workforce more productive."



Manage your cloud solutions effectively with SAM

Key considerations for a SAM Cloud Productivity Assessment
As you consider undertaking a SAM Cloud Productivity Assessment, It’s important to consider partnering with the right advisor. This decision can impact the success of your assessment and position your business for ongoing success and management of your technology investments. 
Things to consider when engaging a SAM partner

When you evaluate a SAM partner, don't hesitate to ask questions. Does the partner:

  • Provide valuable experience and knowledge about SAM and cloud solutions?
  • Have an in-depth understanding of software licensing for both cloud and on-premises?
  • Have a solid IT background, enabling them to evaluate the pros and cons of different SAM tools?
  • Provide other services such as migration and implementation? If not, do they have relationships with other partners who do?

The SAM process

Learn more about the SAM process and what to expect during a Microsoft SAM Assessment.