SAM Cybersecurity Assessment


A Software Asset Management (SAM) Cybersecurity Assessment provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your cybersecurity infrastructure, including your current software deployment, usage, and licensing data. In addition to helping ensure that you have the right processes in place to minimize cyber-risk, we’ll also offer prescriptive guidance and best practices about cybersecurity in a digital word, freeing you to focus on innovation instead of protection.


SAM Healthcare Cybersecurity Assessment

Since 2016, healthcare institutions have been targets for cyberattacks. Data breaches cost the healthcare industry $355 per record, which is more than twice the average across all industries.4 A SAM Healthcare Cybersecurity Assessment takes a comprehensive look at healthcare providers’ cybersecurity infrastructure, including current software deployment, usage, and licenses. The assessment offers key insights to help you establish the right processes for cyber-risk reduction.


SAM Financial Services Assessment

Financial institutions face growing challenges in their markets with cyberthreats, consumer privacy regulations, and competitive pressures. A SAM Financial Services Assessment lets you get the most out of your IT investment by providing insights into the business operations, cost benefits, and technology benefits of virtualizing workloads or moving them to the Cloud.

Benefits of a SAM Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Minimize data loss, fraud, and employee downtime
  • Save money combatting cyberattacks and increasing efficiencies
  • Securely manage software assets and promote reliable cybersecurity practices
  • Build a resilient IT infrastructure that can quickly respond to threats
  • Ensure that you have a secure and effective defense against attacks

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"The results from Software Asset Management for Cybersecurity assessment clearly lay out the next steps and identify vulnerabilities to prevent future cybersecurity threats."

Santi Siritaweechai: Vice President - Information Technology, Mitr Phol Group


Key considerations for SAM Cybersecurity Assessment

As you consider undertaking a SAM Cybersecurity Assessment, it’s important to consider partnering with the right advisor. This decision can impact the success of your assessment and position your business for ongoing success and management of your technology investments.


Things to consider when engaging a SAM partner

When you evaluate a SAM partner, don't hesitate to ask questions. Does the partner:

  • Provide valuable experience and knowledge about SAM?
  • Have an in-depth understanding of software licensing as well as specific expertise about genuine software? 
  • Offer a basic cybersecurity assessment or partner with a company specializing in cybersecurity to provide a full cybersecurity review?
  • Have a solid IT background, enabling them to evaluate the pros and cons of different SAM tools and cybersecurity solutions?
  • Provide other services such as migration and implementation? If not, do they have relationships with other partners that can offer these services?

The SAM process

Learn more about the SAM process and what to expect during a Microsoft SAM Assessment.