As part of this program, Accredited Providers work with you to implement SAM best practices, tools, and resources and they perform a complete view of your infrastructure, helping you drive better IT decision making. In addition to many SAM benefits, the program also offers unique benefits to participating customers, including value-based consulting on strategic IT imperatives such as cloud readiness and cybersecurity, technology roadmaps, and product end-of-support guidance.



A one-time engagement can provide a clear snapshot of your IT infrastructure and valuable recommendations on ways to optimize your IT investments and minimize risk.  
However, utilizing a SAM managed service can help you stay on top of the day-to-day, dynamic changes to your infrastructure such as adding new people or devices, managing access levels to sensitive data, and rolling out applications that support new business needs. Ongoing SAM services provide:  
  • Improved visibility; “always on” means no surprises or disruptions to your business 
  • Real-time deep data insights to drive the right technology decisions for your business needs 
  • A potential savings of up to 30% on IT spend
  • Processes for metering, right-sizing, and harvesting of unused software and cloud services to eliminate unnecessary consumption

“By 2020, enterprises with an effective SAM practice will reclaim 25% to 30% of their total software spending, compared to enterprises that do not.”

Gartner, Three Steps to Create an Effective SAM Tool Strategy With Gartner's Tool Decision Framework, 15 February 2017.


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To ensure the highest quality of service, only Microsoft partners who have passed a rigorous assessment by an independent third party evaluator, can offer services through the Program. The assessment evaluates the providers’ current SAM practices, knowledge, and ability to consult organizations, of all sizes, on an ongoing, “always-on” basis. Accredited Providers are also required to undergo a biennial reassessment to ensure they remain accredited and qualified based on program requirements. Below is a list of Accredited SAM Managed Service Providers.


 *Gartner, Software Asset Management Is Now a C-Level Imperative, 3 March 2016