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Software asset management tools are essential for the management of increasingly complex software-licensing models. Infrastructure and operations leaders will need to understand the market to select vendors that meet their needs for reducing risk, optimizing costs and improving business performance.
Link | May 2018

You can’t protect what you can’t manage. Take a look at this HBR article to see how Microsoft is helping companies fight cybercrime with SAM for cybersecurity.
Link | April 2018

In today's increasingly dynamic IT environments, the ability to effectively access, manage, and secure both software and hardware assets is more critical than ever. Learn more by reading the IDC Solution Brief.
PDF | October 2016

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) analyzes the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware using data from Internet services and over 600 million computers worldwide. Threat awareness can help you protect your organization, software, and people.
PDF | May 2016

Organizations can combat cyberattacks by avoiding unlicensed software.
PDF | May 2016

Today's data revolution is fueled by fundamental technologies that change how we gather, store, analyze and transform data.
PDF | October 2015

An analysis of cybersecurity laws, rules, and policies across the Asia Pacific region.
PDF | June 2015

An analysis of cybersecurity laws, rules, and policies across the 28 countries of the European Union.
PDF | March 2015

This whitepaper analyzes the relationship between unlicensed software use and malware encounters drawing three conclusions, including that unlicensed software use is a strong predictor of malware encounters.
PDF | January 2015

Security Threats Rank as Top Reason Not to Use Unlicensed Software.
PDF | June 2014

How Pirated Software Can Compromise the Cybersecurity of Consumers, Enterprises, and Nations ... and the Resultant Costs in Time and Money
PDF | March 2013

Legal software contributes an average of three times more value to national economies than pirated software.
PDF | May 2013

The commercial value of software theft rose to a record $63 billion in 2011.
PDF | May 2012

In 2010, for the first time, PC shipments to emerging economies outpaced those to mature markets. On that score, at least, 2010 might fairly be considered the year in which the world’s emerging economies stopped merely emerging: They have fully arrived.
PDF | May 2011

Reducing software piracy stimulates spending throughout the economy — and the faster software theft is addressed, the greater the benefit.
PDF | September 2010