SAM Server Optimization Assessment


To ensure you’re getting the most out of those servers and to plan a roadmap for future digital transformation, you need to have a reliable strategy that ensure you can:
  • Achieve insight into what’s deployed, how it’s being used, and by whom.
  • Identify and consolidate underutilized Server instances. 
  • Control Server workloads due to the ease of adding new deployments. 
  • Ensure all Server deployments are properly licensed. 
  • Understand what licenses you need for your technical and business needs.

A Software Asset Management (SAM) Server Optimization Assessment helps you get the most out of your server workloads and applications while providing insights on the business, licensing, and technology benefits of moving them to the Cloud. Data analysis helps evaluate your overall server state in relation to your server strategy, helping you optimize your current server environment and outline the most effective digital transformation strategy.

Benefits of Server Optimization SAM Assessment
  • Optimizes your current server workloads and applications 
  • Offers insight on moving additional workloads to virtualization or the Cloud 
  • Facilitates your server strategy and implementation 
  • Reduces costs through improved operational efficiencies 
  • Helps you manage your reporting requirements
"Suez, a multinational company specializing in natural resource management, discovered that they had licensed software they weren't using by conducting a SAM Assessment."

They also found ways to centralize and consolidate their database servers from ten down to three.


Key considerations for a SAM Server Optimization Assessment

As you consider undertaking a SAM Server Optimization Assessment, it’s important to consider partnering with the right advisor. This decision can impact the success of your assessment and position your business for ongoing success and management of your technology investments.


Engaging a SAM partner

When you evaluate a SAM partner, don't hesitate to ask questions. Does the partner:
  • Provide valuable experience and knowledge about SAM and data management solutions? 
  • Have an in-depth understanding of software licensing for both cloud and on-premises? 
  • Have a solid IT background, enabling them to evaluate the pros and cons of different SAM tools? 
  • Provide other services such as migration and implementation? If not, do they have relationships with other partners who do?

The SAM process

Learn more about the SAM process and what to expect during a Microsoft SAM Assessment.