Things to consider when choosing the right tool

Here are some things to consider when choosing inventory and management tools.
  • Size and the complexity of your organization
  • Ability to deploy and monitor a tool remotely or on-premises
  • How the inventory tool is licensed, cost of the technology
  • What existing technology/data points are in your organization, and how can another tool complement that data
  • Specific data requirements to meet engagement objectives
  • Security requirements
  • On-premise vs cloud data repositories
Contact your Microsoft Solution Assessment team and/or partner to further understand the technologies and potential funding available to be used in a Solution Assessment.

Microsoft’s 1st Party Tools

The below Microsoft developed tools are free, easy to use, and deliver valuable insights in terms of understanding a customer's current IT estate, and (specifically with Azure Migrate and Movere), provides Azure suitability analyses, cost estimates of moving to Azure as well as app dependency mappings, amongst others.

Microsoft Assessment & Planning Toolkit (MAP)
The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit makes it easy to assess your current IT infrastructure for a variety of technology migration projects. This Solution Accelerator provides a powerful inventory, assessment and reporting tool to simplify the migration planning process.  Click here to find downloads, FAQs, training kits etc.

Note: although the MAP Toolkit is still available with technical support, no further development has been planned.  It is recommended that Azure Migrate is used for any Azure assessment requirements, and MAP can remain an option for scenarios other than Azure.

Azure Migrate
Discover, assess, and migrate all your on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data. Centrally plan and track the migration across multiple Microsoft and independent software vendor (ISV) tools.  Click here to learn more.

Movere is a discovery solution that provides the data and insights needed to plan cloud migrations and continuously optimize, monitor and analyze IT environments with confidence.  Click here to learn more.


3rd Party ISV Tools

Microsoft’s worldwide Solution Assessment team have established framework agreements with specific ISVs to enable our Solution Assessment Partners to leverage these technologies and deliver accurate and meaningful insights to customers. 

Current agreements exist with:

Contact your local Microsoft Solution Assessment team for more information.