Data security is critical to your business for data loss prevention.

Secure apps and data

Use cloud applications without putting corporate information at risk by adding protection ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Protect against data loss prevention

Protect corporate data

Apply rights management, identify unsanctioned apps, thwart phishing, and contain, classify, and encrypt data.

Detect unauthorized access for better application security.

Detect unauthorized access

Get notifications of any attempts for unauthorized data access, anomalies, and other threats.

Ensure data security when you repond with policies

Respond with policies

Block suspicious apps, revoke unauthorized access, and remotely wipe device data.

Get the data security e-book for data loss prevention and data encryption.

Protect your data: 7 ways to improve your security posture

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Malware and data loss prevention from Office 365

Five layers of built-in security and proactive monitoring help protect against unknown threats and offer advanced data protection in emails and attachments.

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Secure your data

Did you know that a hacker sits on a network for 140+ days on average prior to detection? Or that the average cost of a data breach is $12M?

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Know your Shadow IT risks

Learn why it’s important to address unmanaged access, file sharing, and unapproved app usage.

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Enhanced security for cloud apps with Cloud App Security

Move from passive defense to active defense—and offense—to protect all of your connected systems.

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