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Cloud Trust Study: Security, Privacy and Reliability in the cloud get high marks with U.S. small to mid-sized businesses

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This week I’m in Europe to share the results of a blind study that we commissioned with comScore to get a pulse on what small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) think about these topics in relation to cloud computing.

The study divided SMB respondents in France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. into two categories.  The first category were businesses that have “on-premise” computing solutions, and we asked them what they thought of the cloud in terms of security, privacy and reliability. The second group were businesses that have adopted a cloud service, and we asked them the same questions.  comScore didn’t ask participants using the cloud for information about the service offering or the service provider so that we could learn about cloud experiences generally and avoid focusing on any specific vendor’s offering or capability; including our own.  This also allowed us to look for topical trends, independent of similarities or differences between vendor offerings.

The results tell us that there’s a gap between the perceptions of those not using the cloud, with the real experiences of those using one or more cloud service.   At the risk of sounding somewhat corny, we found several silver linings in the realities of people’s experiences after moving to a cloud solution.

The benefits that U.S. SMBs shared with comScore are significant.  51% said they saved time managing their IT and 43% of SMBs said they wished they’d moved to the cloud earlier.

Additional highlights from the U.S. study results include:

  • 91% said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.
  • 75% have experienced improved service availability since moving to the cloud.
  • 70% have reinvested money saved as a result of moving to the cloud in areas such as product development and innovation, marketing, and expanding into new markets.

I’ll be blogging with study details from the other geographies throughout the week, so please check in again. In the meantime, you can read more here.