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Microsoft Security

Privacy considerations in a cloudy world

  • Bonnie Kearney

In today’s high tech world, individuals from around the globe can comment in real time on others social media posts and current events instantaneously. With just a few keystrokes, data, thoughts and ideas can reach around the world. In this fast paced environment, consideration of what you choose to share and to whom is more important than ever. Likewise, as organizations take advantage of the scale and economies offered by cloud computing, understanding how data is managed by your cloud service provider is a high priority.

Microsoft takes a principled approach to privacy. Our commercial cloud customers own their data and we don’t use it to deliver targeted advertising. At Microsoft, we understand that people will not use technology they cannot trust.

Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, talks about Microsoft’s long term, principled approach in a conversation with Microsoft colleague Diane McDade, Sr. Director, Policy Management in the following video:

Privacy is an increasingly important consideration for individuals and organizations. When meeting face to face with customers in the US and abroad there are some key facts about Microsoft’s approach which we share:

  • Microsoft does not provide any government with direct, unfettered access to customers’ data
  • Microsoft does not provide any government with encryption keys or assist their efforts to break our encryption
  • Microsoft does not engineer back doors into our products
  • Microsoft has never provided business or government data in response to a national security order
  • Microsoft will contest any attempt by the US government to disclose customer content stored exclusively overseas
  • Microsoft is the first cloud provider to meet strict EU standards for international data transfers

To learn more about Microsoft’s approach to security and privacy, check out additional posts on the Microsoft Cyber Trust blog or the Digital Constitution website.