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Microsoft Security

New Microsoft Enterprise Cybersecurity Group to Provide Greater Security Capabilities

  • Microsoft Secure Blog Staff

We’ve worked hard to earn our customers’ trust when it comes to making their data more secure and we recently announced some significant advances in this area. As part of that news, my team’s newly formed Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, provides a significant new cybersecurity asset to Microsoft commercial and public sector customers. Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group will deliver security solutions, expertise and services that will empower our customers to leverage their investment in Microsoft products and services in order to modernize their IT platforms and keep data safe from modern security risks.

Cybersecurity is a topic that continues to garner the attention of the C-suites and Boards of Directors across all industries and in markets around the world. Many of the customers I have talked to over the past 18 months have been assigning significant resources and focus on cybersecurity programs designed to help their organizations manage risk in a more holistic way. The high profile data breaches at companies such as Sony, J.P. Morgan Chase, Experian and Scottrade to name a few, have accelerated these efforts among many of our customers.

The “protect and recover” security strategy that we have seen so many organizations struggle with, assumes that if organizations can implement and manage protective risk mitigations well enough, they will prevent attackers from successfully breaching their environment. This strategy has proved to be both risky and unrealistic an era characterized by the success of modern attackers.

Today, more and more organizations approach their security strategy with the assumption that they will be breached. This approach allows IT teams to evolve their outdated “protect and recover” security strategies into one that includes capabilities to help protect, detect, and respond to security threats. It also enables security teams to put resources into containment, which will help make it harder for attackers to move around an environment that has been compromised.

The market demand for trusted partners with broad cybersecurity insight and expertise has never been greater. Microsoft has unique, industry-leading cybersecurity capabilities that extend from the world’s most used client operating systems to the most trusted cloud in the world. The Enterprise Cybersecurity Group will use our deep security perspective and experience to help secure our customers data, and their customers’ data, by optimizing their investment in Microsoft products and technologies. We have unique, tailored solutions that can help our customers monitor, analyze and prioritize threats within their environments. In addition, we offer industry-leading tactical and strategic response capabilities backed with unique access to deep product expertise. This combination of cybersecurity consulting services, on-premises and cloud-based solutions, will help modernize and support our commercial and public sector customers’ security strategies.

The formation of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group is an important step in our ongoing efforts to help protect and secure our customers.

Susan Hauser
Corporate Vice President
Enterprise and Partner Group